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On Site for Medical Emergencies or Crisis

We provide standby event ambulance service, including BLS, ALS and other advanced medical providers.

  • In compliance with NY State requirements
  • Preparedness for medical emergency or crisis
  • Servicing based on number of attendees
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Basic preparedness

EMTs or Paramedics on scene at the event
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Upgrade preparedness

EMTs and Paramedics on scene at the event with an ambulance for transportation needs
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Enhanced Preparedness

EMTs, Paramedics and advanced healthcare providers on scene at the event with ambulances for transportation needs
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Rely on us for Ambulance Back-up Service at Your Event

RCA stands at a state of alertness, on hand with the full resources and professional manpower to address any possible medical emergency situation.

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RCA Ambulance Service offers competitive rates for Advanced and Basic Life Support ambulances for all special events in the 5 boroughs of NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island & Bronx). Each EMT and Paramedic scheduled for special events are handpicked by the management team. RCA specializes in an array of different events.

Night Clubs/ Concerts/ Music FestivalsOur staff has a plethora of experience dealing with drug overdoses, intoxicated patients and managing high call volume.Our medical tents allow us to treat non-emergent patients in the venue!

UN Delegation Our ambulance runs as a part of the primary motorcade and provides 24 hour medical coverage.

Movie Shoots and PremiersSporting EventsRaces (Obstacle, Running, Bicycling, etc.)ParadesLarge Gatherings of any Kind

What do you Need?

Basic Life Support units (Emergency Medical Technicians) are capable of treating the majority of traumatic type emergencies and can provide early interventions to many medical emergencies as well.

Advanced Life Support Units (Paramedics) have over 1,000 additional training hours than a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit. They are capable of treating many medical emergencies and can provide advanced skills such as EKG interpretation, administration of I.V. medications and endotracheal intubation.

Golf Cart – RCA has a golf cart fully equipped to get to and move patients in hard to access areas.

Supervisor – As skilled and experienced as our Emergency Medical Providers are, some events require coordination and an Incident Command.

RCA offers many other options including, medical tents, solo EMTs (no ambulance) and Doctors (through one of our affiliates.)